Seasons Flow

Here we are in a multitude of seasons throughout September and rolling into October.

I find myself being drawn back to a time in my life where there was a calm overflowing throughout my soul. What has changed to create less flow and more restriction is at the forefront of my thoughts daily. Being real with what I expect from my own life, and what is expected of me often have collided in a storm of fury, much like the crash of waves against the shores of earth.

Fall brings a death , or passing of one season and gently nudges me forward into unknowns that I either eagerly rush forward to or lately have held myself back from. As the season of thanksgiving is upon me I am reflective and grateful for the many blessings that have been afforded to me, but also fearful of the challenges that I struggle with.

My path will now appear and flow within the pages of chika talks…….know me …hear me….inspire others.